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controllers_to_diagnostics Namespace Reference


def controller_to_diag (c)
def state_cb (msg)


 last_publish_time = rospy.Time(0.0)
 pub_diag = rospy.Publisher('/diagnostics', DiagnosticArray)
 use_sim_time = rospy.get_param('use_sim_time', False)

Function Documentation

def controllers_to_diagnostics.controller_to_diag (   c)

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def controllers_to_diagnostics.state_cb (   msg)

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Variable Documentation

controllers_to_diagnostics.last_publish_time = rospy.Time(0.0)

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controllers_to_diagnostics.pub_diag = rospy.Publisher('/diagnostics', DiagnosticArray)

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controllers_to_diagnostics.use_sim_time = rospy.get_param('use_sim_time', False)

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