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service_callback_helper.h File Reference
#include "ros/forwards.h"
#include "ros/common.h"
#include "ros/message.h"
#include "ros/message_traits.h"
#include "ros/service_traits.h"
#include "ros/serialization.h"
#include <boost/type_traits/is_base_of.hpp>
#include <boost/utility/enable_if.hpp>
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class  ros::ServiceCallbackHelper
 Abstract base class used by service servers to deal with concrete message types through a common interface. This is one part of the roscpp API that is not fully stable, so overloading this class is not recommended. More...
struct  ros::ServiceCallbackHelperCallParams
class  ros::ServiceCallbackHelperT< Spec >
 Concrete generic implementation of ServiceCallbackHelper for any normal service type. More...
class  ros::ServiceEvent< MReq, MRes >
 Event type for services, ros::ServiceEvent<MReq, MRes>& can be used in your callback instead of MReq&, MRes&. More...
struct  ros::ServiceSpec< MReq, MRes >
struct  ros::ServiceSpecCallParams< MReq, MRes >




typedef boost::shared_ptr< ServiceCallbackHelper > ros::ServiceCallbackHelperPtr


template<typename M >
boost::shared_ptr< M > ros::defaultServiceCreateFunction ()

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