GMapping::orientedpoint< T, A > Member List

This is the complete list of members for GMapping::orientedpoint< T, A >, including all inherited members.

normalize()GMapping::orientedpoint< T, A >inline
orientedpoint()GMapping::orientedpoint< T, A >inline
orientedpoint(const point< T > &p)GMapping::orientedpoint< T, A >inline
orientedpoint(T x, T y, A _theta)GMapping::orientedpoint< T, A >inline
point()GMapping::point< T >inline
point(T _x, T _y)GMapping::point< T >inline
rotate(A alpha)GMapping::orientedpoint< T, A >inline
thetaGMapping::orientedpoint< T, A >
xGMapping::point< T >
yGMapping::point< T >

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