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moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander Class Reference
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class  Joint
class  Link

Public Member Functions

def __getattr__ (self, name)
def __init__ (self, robot_description="robot_description", ns="")
def get_current_state (self)
def get_current_variable_values (self)
def get_default_owner_group (self, joint_name)
def get_group (self, name)
def get_group_names (self)
def get_joint (self, name)
def get_joint_names (self, group=None)
def get_link (self, name)
def get_link_names (self, group=None)
def get_planning_frame (self)
def get_robot_markers (self, args)
def get_root_link (self)
def has_group (self, name)

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.__init__ (   self,
  robot_description = "robot_description",
  ns = "" 

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Member Function Documentation

def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.__getattr__ (   self,
We catch the names of groups, joints and links to allow easy access
to their properties.

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def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.get_current_state (   self)
Get a RobotState message describing the current state of the robot

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def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.get_current_variable_values (   self)
Get a dictionary mapping variable names to values.
Note that a joint may consist of one or more variables.

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def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.get_default_owner_group (   self,
Get the name of the smallest group (fewest joints) that includes
the joint name specified as argument.

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def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.get_group (   self,
@param name str: Name of movegroup
@rtype: moveit_commander.MoveGroupCommander

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def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.get_group_names (   self)
Get the names of the groups defined for the robot

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def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.get_joint (   self,
@param name str: Name of movegroup
@rtype: moveit_commander.robot.Joint
@raise exception: MoveItCommanderException

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def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.get_joint_names (   self,
  group = None 
Get the names of all the movable joints that make up a group
(mimic joints and fixed joints are excluded). If no group name is
specified, all joints in the robot model are returned, including
fixed and mimic joints.

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def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.get_link (   self,
@param name str: Name of movegroup
@rtype: moveit_commander.robot.Link
@raise exception: MoveItCommanderException

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def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.get_link_names (   self,
  group = None 
Get the links that make up a group. If no group name is specified,
all the links in the robot model are returned.

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def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.get_planning_frame (   self)
Get the frame of reference in which planning is done (and environment
is maintained)

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def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.get_robot_markers (   self,
Get a MarkerArray of the markers that make up this robot

    (): get's all markers for current state
    state (RobotState): gets markers for a particular state
    values (dict): get markers with given values
    values, links (dict, list): get markers with given values and these links
    group (string):  get all markers for a group
    group, values (string, dict): get all markers for a group with desired values

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def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.get_root_link (   self)
Get the name of the root link of the robot model 

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def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.has_group (   self,
@param name str: Name of movegroup
@rtype: bool

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Member Data Documentation


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