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DepthColorizer.cpp File Reference
#include "DepthColorizer.h"
#include "PCH.h"
#include "ColorMap.inl"
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void rs2_utils::colorize_depth (depth_pixel *dst, const rs2::video_frame &depth, int colormap_id, float depth_min, float depth_max, float depth_units, bool equalize)
void rs2_utils::make_equalized_histogram (depth_pixel *dst, const rs2::video_frame &depth, const color_map &cm)
void rs2_utils::make_value_cropped_frame (depth_pixel *dst, const rs2::video_frame &depth, const color_map &cm, float depth_min, float depth_max, float depth_units)

Author(s): Sergey Dorodnicov , Doron Hirshberg , Mark Horn , Reagan Lopez , Itay Carpis
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