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BFL::MobileRobot Class Reference

This is a class simulating a mobile robot. More...

#include <mobile_robot.h>

Public Member Functions

MatrixWrapper::ColumnVector GetState ()
MatrixWrapper::ColumnVector Measure ()
 MobileRobot ()
void Move (MatrixWrapper::ColumnVector inputs)
 ~MobileRobot ()

Private Attributes

MatrixWrapper::ColumnVector _state

Detailed Description

This is a class simulating a mobile robot.

The state of the mobile robot is represented with a ColumnVector of three elements: the x and y position and the orientation. The inputs of the robot are the linear velocity and the angular velocity. The mobile robot is equipped with a ultrasonic sensor returning the distance to a wall. The initial position of the mobile robot is read from mobile_robot_wall_cts.h During construction time the measurement model and system model are constructed and their properties are read from mobile_robot_wall_cts.h

Definition at line 47 of file mobile_robot.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BFL::MobileRobot::MobileRobot ( )

Definition at line 26 of file mobile_robot.cpp.

BFL::MobileRobot::~MobileRobot ( )

Definition at line 77 of file mobile_robot.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

ColumnVector BFL::MobileRobot::GetState ( )

Definition at line 102 of file mobile_robot.cpp.

ColumnVector BFL::MobileRobot::Measure ( )

Definition at line 95 of file mobile_robot.cpp.

void BFL::MobileRobot::Move ( MatrixWrapper::ColumnVector  inputs)

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Member Data Documentation

LinearAnalyticMeasurementModelGaussianUncertainty* BFL::MobileRobot::_meas_model

Definition at line 64 of file mobile_robot.h.

LinearAnalyticConditionalGaussian* BFL::MobileRobot::_meas_pdf

Definition at line 63 of file mobile_robot.h.

Gaussian* BFL::MobileRobot::_measurement_Uncertainty

Definition at line 62 of file mobile_robot.h.

MatrixWrapper::ColumnVector BFL::MobileRobot::_state

Definition at line 65 of file mobile_robot.h.

AnalyticSystemModelGaussianUncertainty* BFL::MobileRobot::_sys_model

Definition at line 61 of file mobile_robot.h.

NonLinearAnalyticConditionalGaussianMobile* BFL::MobileRobot::_sys_pdf

Definition at line 60 of file mobile_robot.h.

Gaussian* BFL::MobileRobot::_system_Uncertainty

Definition at line 59 of file mobile_robot.h.

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