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robotLibPbD::CDh Class Reference

Denavit Hartenberg Link information. More...

#include <frame.h>

Public Member Functions

 CDh ()
double getAngle ()
 Returns current angle. More...
void set (double rot_z, double trans_z, double rot_x, double trans_x)
void setAngle (double angle)
 Sets current angle. More...

Public Attributes

double angle
 Current angle of rotation aroung z-axis (changes with the real servo position) More...
CVec axis
int id
 Index of servo motor associated with the frame. More...
std::string ivModel
double max
double min
double rot_x
 Rotation offset around rotated x-axis. More...
double rot_z
 Rotation offset around z-axis. More...
bool rotationalDof
double sgn
 Direction of rotation (+1.0 clockwise, -1.0 counterclockwise) More...
double speedFactor
double trans_x
 Translation offset along rotated x-axis. More...
double trans_z
 Translation offset along z-axis. More...
bool useAxis

Detailed Description

Denavit Hartenberg Link information.

Definition at line 241 of file frame.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

robotLibPbD::CDh::CDh ( )

Definition at line 1150 of file frame.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

double robotLibPbD::CDh::getAngle ( )

Returns current angle.

Definition at line 1164 of file frame.cpp.

void robotLibPbD::CDh::set ( double  rot_z,
double  trans_z,
double  rot_x,
double  trans_x 

Definition at line 1176 of file frame.cpp.

void robotLibPbD::CDh::setAngle ( double  angle)

Sets current angle.

Definition at line 1170 of file frame.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

double robotLibPbD::CDh::angle

Current angle of rotation aroung z-axis (changes with the real servo position)

Definition at line 253 of file frame.h.

CVec robotLibPbD::CDh::axis

Definition at line 248 of file frame.h.

int robotLibPbD::CDh::id

Index of servo motor associated with the frame.

Definition at line 255 of file frame.h.

std::string robotLibPbD::CDh::ivModel

Definition at line 244 of file frame.h.

double robotLibPbD::CDh::max

Definition at line 257 of file frame.h.

double robotLibPbD::CDh::min

Definition at line 257 of file frame.h.

double robotLibPbD::CDh::rot_x

Rotation offset around rotated x-axis.

Definition at line 251 of file frame.h.

double robotLibPbD::CDh::rot_z

Rotation offset around z-axis.

Definition at line 249 of file frame.h.

bool robotLibPbD::CDh::rotationalDof

Definition at line 246 of file frame.h.

double robotLibPbD::CDh::sgn

Direction of rotation (+1.0 clockwise, -1.0 counterclockwise)

Definition at line 254 of file frame.h.

double robotLibPbD::CDh::speedFactor

Definition at line 245 of file frame.h.

double robotLibPbD::CDh::trans_x

Translation offset along rotated x-axis.

Definition at line 252 of file frame.h.

double robotLibPbD::CDh::trans_z

Translation offset along z-axis.

Definition at line 250 of file frame.h.

bool robotLibPbD::CDh::useAxis

Definition at line 247 of file frame.h.

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