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apriltag_ros::TagDetector Class Reference

#include <common_functions.h>

Public Member Functions

void addImagePoints (apriltag_detection_t *detection, std::vector< cv::Point2d > &imagePoints) const
void addObjectPoints (double s, cv::Matx44d T_oi, std::vector< cv::Point3d > &objectPoints) const
AprilTagDetectionArray detectTags (const cv_bridge::CvImagePtr &image, const sensor_msgs::CameraInfoConstPtr &camera_info)
void drawDetections (cv_bridge::CvImagePtr image)
bool findStandaloneTagDescription (int id, StandaloneTagDescription *&descriptionContainer, bool printWarning=true)
bool get_publish_tf () const
Eigen::Matrix4d getRelativeTransform (std::vector< cv::Point3d > objectPoints, std::vector< cv::Point2d > imagePoints, double fx, double fy, double cx, double cy) const
geometry_msgs::PoseWithCovarianceStamped makeTagPose (const Eigen::Matrix4d &transform, const Eigen::Quaternion< double > rot_quaternion, const std_msgs::Header &header)
std::map< int, StandaloneTagDescriptionparseStandaloneTags (XmlRpc::XmlRpcValue &standalone_tag_descriptions)
std::vector< TagBundleDescriptionparseTagBundles (XmlRpc::XmlRpcValue &tag_bundles)
 TagDetector (ros::NodeHandle pnh)
double xmlRpcGetDouble (XmlRpc::XmlRpcValue &xmlValue, std::string field) const
double xmlRpcGetDoubleWithDefault (XmlRpc::XmlRpcValue &xmlValue, std::string field, double defaultValue) const
 ~TagDetector ()

Private Member Functions

void removeDuplicates ()

Static Private Member Functions

static int idComparison (const void *first, const void *second)

Private Attributes

double blur_
std::string camera_tf_frame_
int debug_
double decimate_
zarray_t * detections_
std::string family_
int max_hamming_distance_ = 2
bool publish_tf_
int refine_edges_
bool remove_duplicates_
bool run_quietly_
std::map< int, StandaloneTagDescriptionstandalone_tag_descriptions_
std::vector< TagBundleDescriptiontag_bundle_descriptions_
apriltag_detector_t * td_
apriltag_family_t * tf_
tf::TransformBroadcaster tf_pub_
int threads_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 155 of file common_functions.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

apriltag_ros::TagDetector::TagDetector ( ros::NodeHandle  pnh)

Definition at line 48 of file common_functions.cpp.

apriltag_ros::TagDetector::~TagDetector ( )

Definition at line 168 of file common_functions.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void apriltag_ros::TagDetector::addImagePoints ( apriltag_detection_t *  detection,
std::vector< cv::Point2d > &  imagePoints 
) const

Definition at line 471 of file common_functions.cpp.

void apriltag_ros::TagDetector::addObjectPoints ( double  s,
cv::Matx44d  T_oi,
std::vector< cv::Point3d > &  objectPoints 
) const

Definition at line 460 of file common_functions.cpp.

AprilTagDetectionArray apriltag_ros::TagDetector::detectTags ( const cv_bridge::CvImagePtr image,
const sensor_msgs::CameraInfoConstPtr &  camera_info 

Definition at line 210 of file common_functions.cpp.

void apriltag_ros::TagDetector::drawDetections ( cv_bridge::CvImagePtr  image)

Definition at line 538 of file common_functions.cpp.

bool apriltag_ros::TagDetector::findStandaloneTagDescription ( int  id,
StandaloneTagDescription *&  descriptionContainer,
bool  printWarning = true 

Definition at line 780 of file common_functions.cpp.

bool apriltag_ros::TagDetector::get_publish_tf ( ) const

Definition at line 239 of file common_functions.h.

Eigen::Matrix4d apriltag_ros::TagDetector::getRelativeTransform ( std::vector< cv::Point3d >  objectPoints,
std::vector< cv::Point2d >  imagePoints,
double  fx,
double  fy,
double  cx,
double  cy 
) const

Definition at line 491 of file common_functions.cpp.

int apriltag_ros::TagDetector::idComparison ( const void *  first,
const void *  second 

Definition at line 409 of file common_functions.cpp.

geometry_msgs::PoseWithCovarianceStamped apriltag_ros::TagDetector::makeTagPose ( const Eigen::Matrix4d &  transform,
const Eigen::Quaternion< double >  rot_quaternion,
const std_msgs::Header header 

Definition at line 520 of file common_functions.cpp.

std::map< int, StandaloneTagDescription > apriltag_ros::TagDetector::parseStandaloneTags ( XmlRpc::XmlRpcValue standalone_tag_descriptions)

Definition at line 602 of file common_functions.cpp.

std::vector< TagBundleDescription > apriltag_ros::TagDetector::parseTagBundles ( XmlRpc::XmlRpcValue tag_bundles)

Definition at line 657 of file common_functions.cpp.

void apriltag_ros::TagDetector::removeDuplicates ( )

Definition at line 416 of file common_functions.cpp.

double apriltag_ros::TagDetector::xmlRpcGetDouble ( XmlRpc::XmlRpcValue xmlValue,
std::string  field 
) const

Definition at line 740 of file common_functions.cpp.

double apriltag_ros::TagDetector::xmlRpcGetDoubleWithDefault ( XmlRpc::XmlRpcValue xmlValue,
std::string  field,
double  defaultValue 
) const

Definition at line 756 of file common_functions.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

double apriltag_ros::TagDetector::blur_

Definition at line 168 of file common_functions.h.

std::string apriltag_ros::TagDetector::camera_tf_frame_

Definition at line 187 of file common_functions.h.

int apriltag_ros::TagDetector::debug_

Definition at line 170 of file common_functions.h.

double apriltag_ros::TagDetector::decimate_

Definition at line 167 of file common_functions.h.

zarray_t* apriltag_ros::TagDetector::detections_

Definition at line 178 of file common_functions.h.

std::string apriltag_ros::TagDetector::family_

Definition at line 165 of file common_functions.h.

int apriltag_ros::TagDetector::max_hamming_distance_ = 2

Definition at line 171 of file common_functions.h.

bool apriltag_ros::TagDetector::publish_tf_

Definition at line 185 of file common_functions.h.

int apriltag_ros::TagDetector::refine_edges_

Definition at line 169 of file common_functions.h.

bool apriltag_ros::TagDetector::remove_duplicates_

Definition at line 183 of file common_functions.h.

bool apriltag_ros::TagDetector::run_quietly_

Definition at line 184 of file common_functions.h.

std::map<int, StandaloneTagDescription> apriltag_ros::TagDetector::standalone_tag_descriptions_

Definition at line 181 of file common_functions.h.

std::vector<TagBundleDescription > apriltag_ros::TagDetector::tag_bundle_descriptions_

Definition at line 182 of file common_functions.h.

apriltag_detector_t* apriltag_ros::TagDetector::td_

Definition at line 177 of file common_functions.h.

apriltag_family_t* apriltag_ros::TagDetector::tf_

Definition at line 176 of file common_functions.h.

tf::TransformBroadcaster apriltag_ros::TagDetector::tf_pub_

Definition at line 186 of file common_functions.h.

int apriltag_ros::TagDetector::threads_

Definition at line 166 of file common_functions.h.

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