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utest.TestAngles Class Reference

A sample python unit test. More...

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Public Member Functions

def test_find_min_max_delta (self)
def test_normalize_angle (self)
def test_normalize_angle_positive (self)
def test_shortest_angular_distance (self)
def test_shortestDistanceWithLargeLimits (self)
def test_shortestDistanceWithLimits (self)
def test_two_pi_complement (self)

Detailed Description

A sample python unit test.

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Member Function Documentation

def utest.TestAngles.test_find_min_max_delta (   self)

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def utest.TestAngles.test_normalize_angle (   self)

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def utest.TestAngles.test_normalize_angle_positive (   self)

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def utest.TestAngles.test_shortest_angular_distance (   self)

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def utest.TestAngles.test_shortestDistanceWithLargeLimits (   self)

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def utest.TestAngles.test_shortestDistanceWithLimits (   self)

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def utest.TestAngles.test_two_pi_complement (   self)

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