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class  sound_play.libsoundplay.Sound
 Class that publishes messages to the sound_play node. More...
class  sound_play.libsoundplay.SoundClient
 This class is a helper class for communicating with the sound_play node via the sound_play::SoundRequest message. More...


namespace  sound_play::libsoundplay


def sound_play::libsoundplay.builtinSound
 Create a builtin Sound.
 Play the Sound.
 Play a buildin sound.
def sound_play::libsoundplay.playWave
 Plays a WAV or OGG file.
def sound_play::libsoundplay.playWaveFromPkg
 Plays a WAV or OGG file.
def sound_play::libsoundplay.repeat
 Play the Sound repeatedly.
def sound_play::libsoundplay.repeat
 Say a string repeatedly.
def sound_play::libsoundplay.say
 Say a string.
def sound_play::libsoundplay.sendMsg
def sound_play::libsoundplay.start
 Play a buildin sound repeatedly.
def sound_play::libsoundplay.startWave
 Plays a WAV or OGG file repeatedly.
def sound_play::libsoundplay.startWaveFromPkg
 Plays a WAV or OGG file repeatedly.
def sound_play::libsoundplay.stop
 Stop Sound playback.
def sound_play::libsoundplay.stop
 Stop playing a built-in sound.
def sound_play::libsoundplay.stopAll
 Stop all currently playing sounds.
def sound_play::libsoundplay.stopSaying
 Stop saying a string.
def sound_play::libsoundplay.stopWave
 Stop playing a WAV or OGG file.
def sound_play::libsoundplay.stopWaveFromPkg
 Stop playing a WAV or OGG file.
def sound_play::libsoundplay.voiceSound
 Create a voice Sound.
def sound_play::libsoundplay.waveSound
 Create a wave Sound.

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