Deprecated List
Member industrial::byte_array::ByteArray::__attribute__ ((deprecated("This ptr will be invalid once buffer is changed. Please use: copyTo(vector<char>) instead."))) char *getRawDataPtr()
This is unsafe with dynamic buffer sizing. Use copyTo(vector<char>) instead.
Member industrial::simple_socket::SimpleSocket::__attribute__ ((deprecated("Please use: logSocketError(const char* msg, const int rc, const int error_no)"))) void logSocketError(const char *msg
This could report the wrong error number. The method that takes errno as an argument should be used instead.
Class industrial::typed_message::TypedMessage
The base function implementations in the class will be removed in a later release. This will force classes that inherit from this class to implement them.

Author(s): Shaun Edwards
autogenerated on Tue Jan 17 2017 21:10:02