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crl::multisense::system::DeviceMode Class Reference

#include <MultiSenseTypes.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 DeviceMode (uint32_t w=0, uint32_t h=0, DataSource d=0, int32_t s=-1)

Public Attributes

int32_t disparities
uint32_t height
DataSource supportedDataSources
uint32_t width

Detailed Description

Class used query the device modes for a given sensor.

Example code to query all the available device modes for a sensor.

     crl::multisense::Channel* channel;
     channel = crl::multisense::Channel::Create("");


     std::vector<crl::multisense::system::DeviceMode> deviceModeVect;

     crl::multisense::Status status = channel->getDeviceModes(deviceModeVect));

     if(crl::multisense::Status_Ok != status) {
          throw std::runtime_error("Unable to query device modes info");

     // Use the device modes...


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

crl::multisense::system::DeviceMode::DeviceMode ( uint32_t  w = 0,
uint32_t  h = 0,
DataSource  d = 0,
int32_t  s = -1 
) [inline]


wThe device mode width. Default value: 0
hThe device mode height. Default value: 0
dThe available data sources. Default value: 0
sThe number of valid disparities. Default value: -1

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Member Data Documentation

The number of valid disparities for a given device mode

Definition at line 2028 of file MultiSenseTypes.hh.

The image height configuration for a given device mode

Definition at line 2024 of file MultiSenseTypes.hh.

A listing of all the data sources available for a specific device mode

Definition at line 2026 of file MultiSenseTypes.hh.

The image width configuration for a given device mode

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