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namespace  plot_ik_grid


list = axes.flat[counter]
list plot_ik_grid.csvfile = sys.argv[1]
list plot_ik_grid.data_array = data_by_k[k]
tuple plot_ik_grid.data_by_k = dict()
list plot_ik_grid.i = data["i"]
tuple plot_ik_grid.i_index = index.index("i")
tuple plot_ik_grid.i_s = sorted(set([data["i"] for data in data_array]))
tuple plot_ik_grid.image = np.arange(0, xnum * ynum, 1.0)
list plot_ik_grid.image_file = sys.argv[2]
tuple plot_ik_grid.images = dict()
tuple plot_ik_grid.index =
list plot_ik_grid.j = data["j"]
tuple plot_ik_grid.j_index = index.index("j")
tuple plot_ik_grid.j_s = sorted(set([data["j"] for data in data_array]))
tuple plot_ik_grid.k_index = index.index("k")
tuple plot_ik_grid.k_num = len(data_by_k.keys())
tuple plot_ik_grid.max_value = max([data["value"] for data in data_array])
tuple plot_ik_grid.max_x = max([data["x"] for data in data_array])
tuple plot_ik_grid.max_y = max([data["y"] for data in data_array])
tuple plot_ik_grid.max_z = np.amax(z_values)
tuple plot_ik_grid.min_i = min([data["i"] for data in data_array])
tuple plot_ik_grid.min_j = min([data["j"] for data in data_array])
tuple plot_ik_grid.min_value = min([data["value"] for data in data_array])
tuple plot_ik_grid.min_x = min([data["x"] for data in data_array])
tuple plot_ik_grid.min_y = min([data["y"] for data in data_array])
tuple plot_ik_grid.min_z = np.amin(z_values)
int plot_ik_grid.non_zero_counter = 0
tuple plot_ik_grid.reader = csv.reader(f)
tuple plot_ik_grid.step = (max_z - min_z)
tuple plot_ik_grid.value_index = index.index("value")
tuple plot_ik_grid.x_index = index.index("x")
tuple plot_ik_grid.xnum = len(i_s)
tuple plot_ik_grid.y_index = index.index("y")
tuple plot_ik_grid.ynum = len(j_s)
tuple plot_ik_grid.z_index = index.index("z")
tuple plot_ik_grid.z_values

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