Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::CanOpenControllerMain entry point for any calls to the canOpen System
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::CanOpenReceiveThreadHandles incoming canOpen messages
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::ds402::ControlwordData union for access to DSP 402 6040 controlword,
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::ds402::Controlword_Bit field for DSP 402 6040 controlword,
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::DeviceExceptionIf something goes wrong with the host's CAN controller, this exception will be used
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::DS301GroupBase Class for all canOpen device groups, providing basic interfaces to the DS301 functionality
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::DS301NodeIs the base class representation of canOpen devices. It is the access point to the most relevant functionalities of the DS301 protocol (canOpen)
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::DS402GroupBase class for canOpen devices implementing the DS402 device protocol (motors)
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::DS402NodeClass that holds devices according to the DS402 (drives and motion control) specification
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::EMCYHandles the spontaneously occurring Emergency (EMCY) messages, keeps track of a nodes EMCY state and offers translation of the error codes to human readable form
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::ds402::HomingModeConfigurationConfiguration parameters for a Homing_Mode according to CiA DSP-402 V1.1 section 13.2.1
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::PDO::MappingHolds the mapping parameter plus the actual data
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::PDO::MappingConfigurationMapping of a PDO. This is basically a description that says where to look in the object dictionary and how many bits to read
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::NMTAccess to NMT functions of the canOpen protocol and keeps the NMT state of canOpen nodes
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::NotFoundExceptionThis exception is thrown if a requested node or node group does not exist
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::PDOAccess to one (of the possible multiple) Process Data Object of a canOpen node. The class provides structures for transmit and received data and the functions to trigger down- and uploads
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::PDOExceptionPDO related exceptions go here
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::DS301Node::PDOMapEntryUnique index to find a mapped Object dictionary item in a PDO
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::PDO::PDOStringMatchUnique index to find a mapped Object dictionary item in a PDO
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::ds402::ProfilePositionModeConfigurationConfiguration parameters for a Profile_Position_Mode according to CiA DSP-402 V1.1 section 12.2.1
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::ds402::ProfileTorqueModeConfigurationConfiguration parameters for a Profile_Torque_Mode according to CiA DSP-402 V1.1 section 17.2.1
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::ds402::ProfileVelocityModeConfigurationConfiguration parameters for a Profile_Velocity_Mode according to CiA DSP-402 V1.1 section 16.2.1
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::ProtocolExceptionBasic CanOpen exception that contains the Object dictionary index and subindex
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::ResponseExceptionExceptions relating to device responses
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::RPDOThis class describes Receive PDOs, meaning PDOs that send data from the host to the device
SchunkCanopenHardwareInterfaceThis class defines a ros-control hardware interface
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::SchunkPowerBallNodeThis class gives a device specific interface for Schunk Powerballs, as they need some "special" treatment such as commutation search instead of homing
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::SDOService Data Objects (SDO) that are used for slow access of the canOpen object dictionary. It uses the COB-ID which identifies entry with a 16bit index and 8 bit sub index and allows read and write operations. The SDO is mainly used to set up the system before the actual cyclic operation starts. This class holds the generic data, provides the up- and download functionality and parses incoming SDOs to ensure that they are correct
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::ds402::StatuswordData union for access to DSP 402 6041 statusword,
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::ds402::Statusword_Bit field for DSP 402 6041 statusword,
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::ds402::SupportedDriveModesData union for access to DSP 402 6041 statusword,
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::TimeoutExceptionIf a device response times out, this exception will be thrown
icl_hardware::canopen_schunk::TPDOThis class describes Transmit PDOs, meaning PDOs that send data from the device to the host

Author(s): Felix Mauch , Georg Heppner
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