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ros_numpy::point_cloud2 Namespace Reference


def array_to_pointcloud2
def dtype_to_fields
def fields_to_dtype
def get_xyz_points
def merge_rgb_fields
def pointcloud2_to_array
def pointcloud2_to_xyz_array
def split_rgb_field


string __docformat__ = "restructuredtext en"
string DUMMY_FIELD_PREFIX = '__'
tuple nptype_to_pftype = dict((nptype, pftype) for pftype, nptype in type_mappings)
dictionary pftype_sizes
tuple pftype_to_nptype = dict(type_mappings)
list type_mappings

Function Documentation

def ros_numpy.point_cloud2.array_to_pointcloud2 (   cloud_arr,
  stamp = None,
  frame_id = None 
Converts a numpy record array to a sensor_msgs.msg.PointCloud2.

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Convert a numpy record datatype into a list of PointFields.

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def ros_numpy.point_cloud2.fields_to_dtype (   fields,
Convert a list of PointFields to a numpy record datatype.

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def ros_numpy.point_cloud2.get_xyz_points (   cloud_array,
  remove_nans = True,
  dtype = np.float 
Pulls out x, y, and z columns from the cloud recordarray, and returns
    a 3xN matrix.

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Takes an array with named np.uint8 fields 'r', 'g', and 'b', and returns an array in
which they have been merged into a single np.float32 'rgb' field. The first byte of this
field is the 'r' uint8, the second is the 'g', uint8, and the third is the 'b' uint8.

This is the way that pcl likes to handle RGB colors for some reason.

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def ros_numpy.point_cloud2.pointcloud2_to_array (   cloud_msg,
  squeeze = True 
Converts a rospy PointCloud2 message to a numpy recordarray 

Reshapes the returned array to have shape (height, width), even if the height is 1.

The reason for using np.frombuffer rather than struct.unpack is speed... especially
for large point clouds, this will be <much> faster.

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def ros_numpy.point_cloud2.pointcloud2_to_xyz_array (   cloud_msg,
  remove_nans = True 

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Takes an array with a named 'rgb' float32 field, and returns an array in which
this has been split into 3 uint 8 fields: 'r', 'g', and 'b'.

(pcl stores rgb in packed 32 bit floats)

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Variable Documentation

string ros_numpy::point_cloud2::__docformat__ = "restructuredtext en"

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tuple ros_numpy::point_cloud2::nptype_to_pftype = dict((nptype, pftype) for pftype, nptype in type_mappings)

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Initial value:
00001 {PointField.INT8: 1, PointField.UINT8: 1, PointField.INT16: 2, PointField.UINT16: 2,
00002                 PointField.INT32: 4, PointField.UINT32: 4, PointField.FLOAT32: 4, PointField.FLOAT64: 8}

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Initial value:
00001 [(PointField.INT8, np.dtype('int8')), (PointField.UINT8, np.dtype('uint8')), (PointField.INT16, np.dtype('int16')),
00002                  (PointField.UINT16, np.dtype('uint16')), (PointField.INT32, np.dtype('int32')), (PointField.UINT32, np.dtype('uint32')),
00003                  (PointField.FLOAT32, np.dtype('float32')), (PointField.FLOAT64, np.dtype('float64'))]

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