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Changelog for package ros1_pip_pytemplate


  • fixing tests because url arguments can come in different order...
  • Merge pull request #17 from pyros-dev/pip_template Adding catkin pip template
  • adding missing ros dependencies.
  • fixing node init in tests to work for both rostest and pytest.
  • not requiring latest catkin_pip
  • tox tests passing (non-ROS)
  • python tests passing.
  • proactive node test passing
  • proactive node working.
  • fixing catkin tests
  • getting reactive node tests to pass without calling rospy.init_node
  • implemented test_cli
  • WIP reviewing cli and node script and tests
  • now unittesting logger output.
  • added version argument for cli
  • cleaning up and start setting up tox
  • dropping the python launcher idea here, lets stay close to catkin_pip style packages. They are python packages ported to ROS, and integrated in ROS systems via launch files and yaml config.
  • getting httpbin proxy ros node to work
  • WIP template copy pasted code
  • Merge branch ‘master’ into fix_launchers
  • Merge pull request #7 from pyros-dev/python restructuring and renaming packages
  • fixing ros1_pip_template -> ros1_pip_pytemplate
  • Merge pull request #8 from pyros-dev/python-pip adding template to use catkin_pip to get python package in catkin wor…
  • renaming pip package, fixed install, now using docker images.
  • adding template to use catkin_pip to get python package in catkin workspace.
  • Contributors: AlexV, Alexander Reimann