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Int64MathParser.h File Reference

Definition of CInt64MathParser. More...

#include "GenApi/Types.h"
#include "GenApi/GenApiDll.h"
#include "MathParserDll.h"
#include "StrMap.h"
#include "Int64Lexer.h"
#include <vector>
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class  CInt64MathParser
 Parser and evaluator for CIntSwissKnife. More...
struct  CInt64MathParser::Operation




const double DblErR

Detailed Description

Definition of CInt64MathParser.

CInt64MathParser is derived from Kirill Zaborski's MathParser library ( ). This library is under LGPL license. Kirill's implementation seems to be a C++ port of the CCalc library from Walery Studennikov (

Definition in file Int64MathParser.h.

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Definition at line 39 of file Int64MathParser.h.

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const double DblErR

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