File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
detector_particle.cpp [code]
detector_particle.h [code]
gaussian_pos_vel.cpp [code]
gaussian_pos_vel.h [code]
gaussian_vector.cpp [code]
gaussian_vector.h [code]
mcpdf_pos_vel.cpp [code]
mcpdf_pos_vel.h [code]
mcpdf_vector.cpp [code]
mcpdf_vector.h [code]
measmodel_pos.cpp [code]
measmodel_pos.h [code]
measmodel_vector.cpp [code]
measmodel_vector.h [code]
people_tracking_node.cpp [code]
people_tracking_node.h [code]
rgb.h [code]
state_pos_vel.h [code]
sysmodel_pos_vel.cpp [code]
sysmodel_pos_vel.h [code]
sysmodel_vector.cpp [code]
sysmodel_vector.h [code]
tracker.h [code]
tracker_kalman.cpp [code]
tracker_kalman.h [code]
tracker_particle.cpp [code]
tracker_particle.h [code]
uniform_vector.cpp [code]
uniform_vector.h [code]

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