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MatrixSolvers.h File Reference
#include "EigenTypes.h"
#include "config.h"
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namespace  hrp


int hrp::calcEigenVectors (const dmatrix &_a, dmatrix &_evec, dvector &_eval)
int hrp::calcPseudoInverse (const dmatrix &_a, dmatrix &_a_pseu, double _sv_ratio)
int hrp::calcSRInverse (const dmatrix &_a, dmatrix &_a_sr, double _sr_ratio, dmatrix _w)
double hrp::det (const dmatrix &_a)
dmatrix hrp::inverse (const dmatrix &M)
int hrp::solveLinearEquation (const dmatrix &_a, const dvector &_b, dvector &_x, double _sv_ratio)
int hrp::solveLinearEquationLU (dmatrix a, const dmatrix &b, dmatrix &out_x)
int hrp::solveLinearEquationLU (const dmatrix &_a, const dvector &_b, dvector &_x)
int hrp::solveLinearEquationSVD (const dmatrix &_a, const dvector &_b, dvector &_x, double _sv_ratio)

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