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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
buffer_reader.h [code]
buffer_writer.h [code]
connection.cpp [code]
connection.h [code]
copy_serializable.cpp [code]
copy_serializable.h [code]
cpf_item.cpp [code]
cpf_item.h [code]
cpf_packet.cpp [code]
cpf_packet.h [code]
eip_types.h [code]
encap_header.cpp [code]
encap_header.h [code]
encap_packet.cpp [code]
encap_packet.h [code]
forward_close_request.h [code]
forward_close_success.h [code]
forward_open_request.h [code]
forward_open_success.h [code]
identity_item_data.cpp [code]
identity_item_data.h [code]
io_scanner.cpp [code]
io_scanner.h [code]
message_router_request.h [code]
message_router_response.cpp [code]
message_router_response.h [code]
path.cpp [code]
path.h [code]
reader.h [code]
register_session_data.h [code]
rr_data.cpp [code]
rr_data.h [code]
rr_data_request.h [code]
rr_data_response.h [code]
sequenced_address_item.h [code]
sequenced_data_item.h [code]
serializable.h [code]
serializable_buffer.h [code]
serializable_primitive.h [code]
session.cpp [code]
session.h [code]
socket.h [code]
stream_reader.h [code]
stream_writer.h [code]
tcp_socket.h [code]
test_socket.h [code]
udp_socket.h [code]
writer.h [code]

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