karto::GridIndexLookup< T > Member List
This is the complete list of members for karto::GridIndexLookup< T >, including all inherited members.
ComputeOffsets(LocalizedLaserScan *pScan, kt_double angleCenter, kt_double angleOffset, kt_double angleResolution)karto::GridIndexLookup< T > [inline]
ComputeOffsets(kt_int32u angleIndex, kt_double angle, const Pose2List &rLocalPoints)karto::GridIndexLookup< T > [inline, private]
DestroyArrays()karto::GridIndexLookup< T > [inline, private]
GetAngles() const karto::GridIndexLookup< T > [inline]
GetLookupArray(kt_int32u index) const karto::GridIndexLookup< T > [inline]
GridIndexLookup(Grid< T > *pGrid)karto::GridIndexLookup< T > [inline]
m_Angleskarto::GridIndexLookup< T > [private]
m_Capacitykarto::GridIndexLookup< T > [private]
m_pGridkarto::GridIndexLookup< T > [private]
m_ppLookupArraykarto::GridIndexLookup< T > [private]
m_Sizekarto::GridIndexLookup< T > [private]
SetSize(kt_int32u size)karto::GridIndexLookup< T > [inline, private]
~GridIndexLookup()karto::GridIndexLookup< T > [inline, virtual]

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