TestFilter Member List
This is the complete list of members for TestFilter, including all inherited members.
_decide(const log4cpp::LoggingEvent &event)TestFilter [inline, protected, virtual]
ACCEPT enum valuelog4cpp::Filter
appendChainedFilter(Filter *filter)log4cpp::Filter [virtual]
decide(const LoggingEvent &event)log4cpp::Filter [virtual]
Decision enum namelog4cpp::Filter
DENY enum valuelog4cpp::Filter
getChainedFilter()log4cpp::Filter [virtual]
getEndOfChain()log4cpp::Filter [virtual]
NEUTRAL enum valuelog4cpp::Filter
setChainedFilter(Filter *filter)log4cpp::Filter [virtual]
TestFilter()TestFilter [inline]
~Filter()log4cpp::Filter [virtual]
~TestFilter()TestFilter [inline, virtual]

Author(s): Stephen Roderick, Bastiaan Bakker, Cedric Le Goater, Steve Ostlind, Marcel Harkema, Walter Stroebel, Glenn Scott and Tony Cheung
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