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hironx_ros_bridge.command_widget.HironxoCommandPanel Class Reference

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def __init__
def get_rosmaster_domain

Private Member Functions

def _actual_pose_l
def _actual_pose_r
def _check_encoders
def _get_arm_impedance
def _get_duration
def _get_precision_output
def _go_initial
def _go_initial_factoryval
def _go_offPose
def _impedance_off
def _impedance_on
def _impedance_on_off
def _print_command
def _show_actual_pose
def _show_groups

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Detailed Description

Design decisions:

- joint_state_publisher is dropped, since hrpsys_ros_bridge seems to set
`robot_description` param using COLLADA (see
instead of URDF, which joint_state_publisher is not capable of.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def hironx_ros_bridge.command_widget.HironxoCommandPanel.__init__ (   self,
A GUi panel to list common operation commands for Hironx / NEXTAGE Open robot.

@param guicontext: The plugin context to create the monitor in.
@type guicontext: qt_gui.plugin_context.PluginContext

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Member Function Documentation

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@rtype str
@return: Returns a name of arm group that is checked on GUI. None by default.

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@rtype float

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def hironx_ros_bridge.command_widget.HironxoCommandPanel._impedance_on_off (   self,
  do_on = True 
) [private]
Start/stop impedance control for the specified arm group.
Arm group to operate impedance control is automatically obtained from
GUI internally within this method.
@raise AttributeError: When no arm group is specified.
@type do_on: bool
@param do_on: On/off of impedance control

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def hironx_ros_bridge.command_widget.HironxoCommandPanel._print_command (   self,
) [private]

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@type list_pose: [str]
@param list_pose: list of str that represent angles (in radian)

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Workaround for rosgraph.Master.getUri() that does NOT return
a domain name with ".local".

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Member Data Documentation

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