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script_viewer Namespace Reference


def graph_cb
 Graph callback.
def state_cb
 State callback.


tuple dotcode = rospy.get_param("script_server/graph")
tuple G = pgv.AGraph(dotcode)
tuple vbox = gtk.VBox()
tuple widget = xdot.DotWidget()
tuple window = gtk.Window()

Function Documentation

def script_viewer.graph_cb (   msg)

Graph callback.

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def script_viewer.state_cb (   msg)

State callback.

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Variable Documentation

tuple script_viewer::dotcode = rospy.get_param("script_server/graph")

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tuple script_viewer::G = pgv.AGraph(dotcode)

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tuple script_viewer::vbox = gtk.VBox()

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tuple script_viewer::window = gtk.Window()

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