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goal_functions.cpp File Reference
#include <base_local_planner/goal_functions.h>
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namespace  base_local_planner


double base_local_planner::getGoalOrientationAngleDifference (const tf::Stamped< tf::Pose > &global_pose, double goal_th)
 return angle difference to goal to check if the goal orientation has been achieved
bool base_local_planner::getGoalPose (const tf::TransformListener &tf, const std::vector< geometry_msgs::PoseStamped > &global_plan, const std::string &global_frame, tf::Stamped< tf::Pose > &goal_pose)
 Returns last pose in plan.
double base_local_planner::getGoalPositionDistance (const tf::Stamped< tf::Pose > &global_pose, double goal_x, double goal_y)
 return squared distance to check if the goal position has been achieved
bool base_local_planner::isGoalReached (const tf::TransformListener &tf, const std::vector< geometry_msgs::PoseStamped > &global_plan, const costmap_2d::Costmap2D &costmap __attribute__((unused)), const std::string &global_frame, tf::Stamped< tf::Pose > &global_pose, const nav_msgs::Odometry &base_odom, double rot_stopped_vel, double trans_stopped_vel, double xy_goal_tolerance, double yaw_goal_tolerance)
void base_local_planner::prunePlan (const tf::Stamped< tf::Pose > &global_pose, std::vector< geometry_msgs::PoseStamped > &plan, std::vector< geometry_msgs::PoseStamped > &global_plan)
 Trim off parts of the global plan that are far enough behind the robot.
void base_local_planner::publishPlan (const std::vector< geometry_msgs::PoseStamped > &path, const ros::Publisher &pub)
 Publish a plan for visualization purposes.
bool base_local_planner::stopped (const nav_msgs::Odometry &base_odom, const double &rot_stopped_velocity, const double &trans_stopped_velocity)
 Check whether the robot is stopped or not.
bool base_local_planner::transformGlobalPlan (const tf::TransformListener &tf, const std::vector< geometry_msgs::PoseStamped > &global_plan, const tf::Stamped< tf::Pose > &global_robot_pose, const costmap_2d::Costmap2D &costmap, const std::string &global_frame, std::vector< geometry_msgs::PoseStamped > &transformed_plan)
 Transforms the global plan of the robot from the planner frame to the frame of the costmap, selects only the (first) part of the plan that is within the costmap area.

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