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absl::synchronization_internal Namespace Reference


struct  Edge
class  Futex
class  GraphCycles
class  GraphCyclesTest
struct  GraphId
class  KernelTimeout
class  PerThreadSem
class  PerThreadSemTest
class  SimpleSemaphore
struct  ThreadData
class  ThreadPool
class  Waiter


typedef std::map< int, GraphIdIdMap


static void BackwardDFS (GraphCycles::Rep *r, int32_t n, int32_t lower_bound)
static void CheckEdges (Nodes *nodes, Edges *edges, const IdMap &id, GraphCycles *gc)
static void CheckInvariants (const GraphCycles &gc)
static void CheckTransitiveClosure (Nodes *nodes, Edges *edges, const IdMap &id, GraphCycles *gc)
base_internal::ThreadIdentityCreateThreadIdentity ()
static int EdgeIndex (Edges *edges, int from, int to)
static Node * FindNode (GraphCycles::Rep *rep, GraphId id)
static bool ForwardDFS (GraphCycles::Rep *r, int32_t n, int32_t upper_bound)
static GraphId Get (const IdMap &id, int num)
base_internal::ThreadIdentityGetOrCreateCurrentThreadIdentity ()
GraphId InvalidGraphId ()
static bool IsReachable (Edges *edges, int from, int to, std::unordered_set< int > *seen)
static void MaybeBecomeIdle ()
static void MoveToList (GraphCycles::Rep *r, Vec< int32_t > *src, Vec< int32_t > *dst)
NewThreadIdentity ()
static void PrintEdges (Edges *edges)
static void PrintGCEdges (Nodes *nodes, const IdMap &id, GraphCycles *gc)
static void PrintGCTransitiveClosure (Nodes *nodes, const IdMap &id, GraphCycles *gc)
static void PrintTransitiveClosure (Nodes *nodes, Edges *edges)
static int RandomEdge (RandomEngine *rng, Edges *edges)
static int RandomNode (RandomEngine *rng, Nodes *nodes)
static void ReclaimThreadIdentity (void *v)
static void Reorder (GraphCycles::Rep *r)
static void ResetThreadIdentity (base_internal::ThreadIdentity *identity)
static intptr_t RoundUp (intptr_t addr, intptr_t align)
static void Sort (const Vec< Node * > &, Vec< int32_t > *delta)
 TEST (GraphCycles, RandomizedTest)
 TEST_F (GraphCyclesTest, NoCycle)
 TEST_F (GraphCyclesTest, SimpleCycle)
 TEST_F (GraphCyclesTest, IndirectCycle)
 TEST_F (GraphCyclesTest, LongPath)
 TEST_F (GraphCyclesTest, RemoveNode)
 TEST_F (GraphCyclesTest, ManyEdges)


static base_internal::SpinLock freelist_lock (base_internal::kLinkerInitialized)

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static void absl::synchronization_internal::BackwardDFS ( GraphCycles::Rep *  r,
int32_t  n,
int32_t  lower_bound 
) [static]

Definition at line 558 of file

static void absl::synchronization_internal::CheckEdges ( Nodes *  nodes,
Edges *  edges,
const IdMap &  id,
GraphCycles *  gc 
) [static]

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static void absl::synchronization_internal::CheckInvariants ( const GraphCycles &  gc) [static]

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static void absl::synchronization_internal::CheckTransitiveClosure ( Nodes *  nodes,
Edges *  edges,
const IdMap &  id,
GraphCycles *  gc 
) [static]

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Definition at line 125 of file

static int absl::synchronization_internal::EdgeIndex ( Edges *  edges,
int  from,
int  to 
) [static]

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static Node* absl::synchronization_internal::FindNode ( GraphCycles::Rep *  rep,
GraphId  id 
) [static]

Definition at line 358 of file

static bool absl::synchronization_internal::ForwardDFS ( GraphCycles::Rep *  r,
int32_t  n,
int32_t  upper_bound 
) [static]

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static GraphId absl::synchronization_internal::Get ( const IdMap &  id,
int  num 
) [static]

Definition at line 43 of file

Definition at line 42 of file create_thread_identity.h.

Definition at line 55 of file graphcycles.h.

static bool absl::synchronization_internal::IsReachable ( Edges *  edges,
int  from,
int  to,
std::unordered_set< int > *  seen 
) [static]

Definition at line 49 of file

Definition at line 54 of file

static void absl::synchronization_internal::MoveToList ( GraphCycles::Rep *  r,
Vec< int32_t > *  src,
Vec< int32_t > *  dst 
) [static]

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Definition at line 94 of file

static void absl::synchronization_internal::PrintEdges ( Edges *  edges) [static]

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static void absl::synchronization_internal::PrintGCEdges ( Nodes *  nodes,
const IdMap &  id,
GraphCycles *  gc 
) [static]

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static void absl::synchronization_internal::PrintGCTransitiveClosure ( Nodes *  nodes,
const IdMap &  id,
GraphCycles *  gc 
) [static]

Definition at line 101 of file

static void absl::synchronization_internal::PrintTransitiveClosure ( Nodes *  nodes,
Edges *  edges 
) [static]

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static int absl::synchronization_internal::RandomEdge ( RandomEngine *  rng,
Edges *  edges 
) [static]

Definition at line 175 of file

static int absl::synchronization_internal::RandomNode ( RandomEngine *  rng,
Nodes *  nodes 
) [static]

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static void absl::synchronization_internal::ReclaimThreadIdentity ( void *  v) [static]

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static void absl::synchronization_internal::Reorder ( GraphCycles::Rep *  r) [static]

Definition at line 580 of file

static void absl::synchronization_internal::ResetThreadIdentity ( base_internal::ThreadIdentity *  identity) [static]

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static intptr_t absl::synchronization_internal::RoundUp ( intptr_t  addr,
intptr_t  align 
) [static]

Definition at line 66 of file

static void absl::synchronization_internal::Sort ( const Vec< Node * > &  nodes,
Vec< int32_t > *  delta 
) [static]

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absl::synchronization_internal::TEST ( GraphCycles  ,

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absl::synchronization_internal::TEST_F ( GraphCyclesTest  ,

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absl::synchronization_internal::TEST_F ( GraphCyclesTest  ,

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absl::synchronization_internal::TEST_F ( GraphCyclesTest  ,

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absl::synchronization_internal::TEST_F ( GraphCyclesTest  ,

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absl::synchronization_internal::TEST_F ( GraphCyclesTest  ,

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absl::synchronization_internal::TEST_F ( GraphCyclesTest  ,

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