ON_String Member List
This is the complete list of members for ON_String, including all inherited members.
Append(const char *, int)ON_String
Append(const unsigned char *, int)ON_String
AppendToArray(const ON_String &)ON_String [protected]
AppendToArray(int, const char *)ON_String [protected]
AppendToArray(int, const unsigned char *)ON_String [protected]
Array() const ON_String
Compare(const char *) const ON_String
Compare(const unsigned char *) const ON_String
CompareNoCase(const char *) const ON_String
CompareNoCase(const unsigned char *) const ON_String
CopyArray()ON_String [protected]
CopyToArray(const ON_String &)ON_String [protected]
CopyToArray(int, const char *)ON_String [protected]
CopyToArray(int, const unsigned char *)ON_String [protected]
CopyToArray(int, const wchar_t *)ON_String [protected]
CreateArray(int)ON_String [protected]
DataCRC(ON__UINT32 current_remainder) const ON_String
EnableReferenceCounting(bool bEnable)ON_String
Find(char) const ON_String
Find(unsigned char) const ON_String
Find(const char *) const ON_String
Find(const unsigned char *) const ON_String
Format(const char *,...)ON_String
Format(const unsigned char *,...)ON_String
GetAt(int) const ON_String
Header() const ON_String [protected]
IsEmpty() const ON_String
IsReferenceCounted() const ON_String
Left(int) const ON_String
Length() const ON_String
Length(const char *)ON_String [protected, static]
Length(const unsigned char *)ON_String [protected, static]
m_sON_String [protected]
Mid(int, int) const ON_String
Mid(int) const ON_String
ON_String(const ON_String &)ON_String
ON_String(const char *)ON_String
ON_String(const char *, int)ON_String
ON_String(char, int=1)ON_String
ON_String(const unsigned char *)ON_String
ON_String(const unsigned char *, int)ON_String
ON_String(unsigned char, int=1)ON_String
ON_String(const wchar_t *src)ON_String
ON_String(const wchar_t *src, int length)ON_String
ON_String(const ON_wString &src)ON_String
operator const char *() const ON_String
operator!=(const ON_String &) const ON_String
operator!=(const char *) const ON_String
operator+(const ON_String &) const ON_String
operator+(char) const ON_String
operator+(unsigned char) const ON_String
operator+(const char *) const ON_String
operator+(const unsigned char *) const ON_String
operator+=(const ON_String &)ON_String
operator+=(unsigned char)ON_String
operator+=(const char *)ON_String
operator+=(const unsigned char *)ON_String
operator<(const ON_String &) const ON_String
operator<(const char *) const ON_String
operator<=(const ON_String &) const ON_String
operator<=(const char *) const ON_String
operator=(const ON_String &)ON_String
operator=(const char *)ON_String
operator=(unsigned char)ON_String
operator=(const unsigned char *)ON_String
operator=(const wchar_t *src)ON_String
operator=(const ON_wString &src)ON_String
operator==(const ON_String &) const ON_String
operator==(const char *) const ON_String
operator>(const ON_String &) const ON_String
operator>(const char *) const ON_String
operator>=(const ON_String &) const ON_String
operator>=(const char *) const ON_String
operator[](int) const ON_String
Remove(const char chRemove)ON_String
Replace(const char *token1, const char *token2)ON_String
Replace(const unsigned char *token1, const unsigned char *token2)ON_String
Replace(char token1, char token2)ON_String
Replace(unsigned char token1, unsigned char token2)ON_String
ReverseFind(char) const ON_String
ReverseFind(unsigned char) const ON_String
Right(int) const ON_String
SetAt(int, char)ON_String
SetAt(int, unsigned char)ON_String
SizeOf() const ON_String
SplitPath(const char *path, ON_String *drive, ON_String *dir, ON_String *fname, ON_String *ext)ON_String [static]
TrimLeft(const char *=NULL)ON_String
TrimLeftAndRight(const char *=NULL)ON_String
TrimRight(const char *=NULL)ON_String
WildCardMatch(const char *) const ON_String
WildCardMatch(const unsigned char *) const ON_String
WildCardMatchNoCase(const char *) const ON_String
WildCardMatchNoCase(const unsigned char *) const ON_String

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