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btTransform.h File Reference
#include "btMatrix3x3.h"
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class  btTransform
 The btTransform class supports rigid transforms with only translation and rotation and no scaling/shear. It can be used in combination with btVector3, btQuaternion and btMatrix3x3 linear algebra classes. More...
struct  btTransformDoubleData
struct  btTransformFloatData
 for serialization More...


#define btTransformData   btTransformFloatData


SIMD_FORCE_INLINE bool operator== (const btTransform &t1, const btTransform &t2)
 Test if two transforms have all elements equal.

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Definition at line 26 of file btTransform.h.

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SIMD_FORCE_INLINE bool operator== ( const btTransform t1,
const btTransform t2 

Test if two transforms have all elements equal.

Definition at line 247 of file btTransform.h.

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