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A file that lives on a special orphan branch bloom in a GBP repository which contains meta-information (like upstream repository location and type) used when making releases with bloom.
config-mode infrastructure
Files named <project>Config.cmake and <project>Config-version.cmake which are used by cmake’s find_package() in “config mode”.
a rosbuild stack or package not yet converted to catkin.
Environment files
The, setup.zsh and setup.bash files generated and installed by catkin. See also Environment files.
The Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
generated code
Code generated during the build process, typically by a message code generator package. May or may not require compilation.
GBP repository
A git-buildpackage repository. Contains released upstream source and the associated debian build files sufficient to assemble binary and source debs. Bloom-controlled repositories also contain a branch bloom with meta-information.
either a not yet to catkin convert package identified by a manifest.xml or a catkinized package containing a package.xml.
Nifty python package:
CMake’s notion of a buildable subdirectory: it contains a CMakeLists.txt that calls CMake’s project() macro.
unit of grouping dry packages in the old rosbuild system. Each stack was packaged into a Debian package.
static code
Code typed in by a developer, contrast generated code
a ROS package already converted to catkin. It also applies to non-ROS code using catkin.