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Running unit tests

All unit tests can be run by invoking the run_tests target:

catkin_make run_tests

It will make sure that the tests target which builds all unit tests is invoked before.

Individual test targets

Besides the global run_tests target each individual gtest / nosetest / rostest can be triggered via its own target, e.g.:

catkin_make run_tests_packagename_gtest_mytest

The list of available test targets can be explored by using the target completion of catkin_make:

catkin_make run_tests<TAB><TAB>

Using these target it is also possible to run all unit tests of a package or all tests from a package of a specific type:

catkin_make run_tests_packagename
catkin_make run_tests_packagename_gtest

Summary of unit test results

After running unit tests the results are by default placed into the test_results folder which is located inside the build folder. Each unit test will generate a JUnit XML result file.

To get a summary of the unit test results as well as references to which tests contain errors or failed invoke:

catkin_test_results build/test_results