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RSS.h File Reference
#include "fcl/math/vec_3f.h"
#include "fcl/math/matrix_3f.h"
#include <boost/math/constants/constants.hpp>
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class  fcl::RSS
 A class for rectangle sphere-swept bounding volume. More...


namespace  fcl

Main namespace.


FCL_REAL fcl::distance (const Matrix3f &R0, const Vec3f &T0, const RSS &b1, const RSS &b2, Vec3f *P=NULL, Vec3f *Q=NULL)
 distance between two RSS bounding volumes P and Q (optional return values) are the closest points in the rectangles, not the RSS. But the direction P - Q is the correct direction for cloest points Notice that P and Q are both in the local frame of the first RSS (not global frame and not even the local frame of object 1)
bool fcl::overlap (const Matrix3f &R0, const Vec3f &T0, const RSS &b1, const RSS &b2)
 Check collision between two RSSs, b1 is in configuration (R0, T0) and b2 is in identity.
RSS fcl::translate (const RSS &bv, const Vec3f &t)
 Translate the RSS bv.
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