face_contour_detector::KdTree< T, V > Member List
This is the complete list of members for face_contour_detector::KdTree< T, V >, including all inherited members.
Find(const std::vector< T > &point)face_contour_detector::KdTree< T, V >
Insert(const std::vector< T > &point, const V &value)face_contour_detector::KdTree< T, V >
KdTree(int dimensions)face_contour_detector::KdTree< T, V >
m_dimensionsface_contour_detector::KdTree< T, V > [private]
m_rootface_contour_detector::KdTree< T, V > [private]
~KdTree()face_contour_detector::KdTree< T, V > [virtual]
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