Todo List
Member Course::Course (Navigator *_nav, int _verbose)
Use ROS tf instead of art_map/rotate_translate_transform
Member Estimate::control_pose (const nav_msgs::Odometry &odom, ros::Time est_time, nav_msgs::Odometry &est)
Extrapolate speed and yaw rate using change from last cycle. Use average of current and estimated derivatives to estimate control position. When the car is accelerating, look farther ahead.
Member Estop::ActionToRun (pilot_command_t &pcmd)
implement 5 second hesitation before actually starting
Member Navigator::Navigator (nav_msgs::Odometry *odom_msg)
Add ROS-style obstacle detection.
Class Obstacle

Add ROS-style ObstacleGrid input.

Add ART-style Observers input.

Add Observers interface.
Member Road::ActionInEvade (pilot_command_t &pcmd)
Either implement the Evade controller or delete it.
Make separate ROS packages for commander, navigator and pilot.
Member Run::go (pilot_command_t &pcmd)
either implement blockage handling or delete it.

Author(s): Austin Robot Technology, Jack O'Quin
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