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estop Namespace Reference


class  MainWindow
class  wxThread


def check_state
def find_icon
def pkg_icon


tuple cmd_ = rospy.Publisher('navigator/cmd', NavigatorCommand)
tuple icons_path
tuple last_state_ = EstopState()
 new_behavior_ = Behavior.NONE
tuple new_state_ = EstopState()
string PKG_NAME = 'art_nav'

Function Documentation

def estop.check_state (   state_msg)

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def estop.find_icon (   dir,
  extlist = ['.svg',
Find icon file with basename in dir.

extlist: a list of possible extensions
returns: full path name if file found, None otherwise

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def estop.pkg_icon (   name)
Resolve package-relative icon name to path name.

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Variable Documentation

tuple estop::cmd_ = rospy.Publisher('navigator/cmd', NavigatorCommand)

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Initial value:
00001 os.path.join(roslib.packages.get_pkg_dir(PKG_NAME),
00002                           os.path.join("icons", "estop"))

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string estop::PKG_NAME = 'art_nav'

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