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zones.h File Reference
#include <vector>
#include <art_map/coordinates.h>
#include <art_map/types.h>
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struct  zone_pp_count
class  ZonePerimeter


#define DEFAULT_ZONE_SPEED   3.0f
#define PLAYER_OPAQUE_MAX_SIZE   1048576


typedef std::vector< MapXYObstacleList
typedef WayPointNode PerimeterPoint
typedef std::vector
< PerimeterPoint
typedef struct zone_pp_count zone_pp_count_t
typedef WayPointNode zone_pp_type
typedef std::vector
< ZonePerimeter

Detailed Description

C++ interface for Road Network Definition File zones.

David Li, Patrick Beeson, Jack O'Quin

Definition in file zones.h.

Define Documentation

#define DEFAULT_ZONE_SPEED   3.0f

Definition at line 28 of file zones.h.

#define PLAYER_OPAQUE_MAX_SIZE   1048576

Definition at line 21 of file zones.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<MapXY> ObstacleList

Definition at line 31 of file zones.h.

Definition at line 34 of file zones.h.

typedef std::vector<PerimeterPoint> PerimeterPointList

Definition at line 37 of file zones.h.

Definition at line 35 of file zones.h.

typedef std::vector<ZonePerimeter> ZonePerimeterList

Definition at line 53 of file zones.h.

Author(s): David Li, Patrick Beeson, Bartley Gillen, Tarun Nimmagadda, Mickey Ristroph, Michael Quinlan, Jack O'Quin
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