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MapLanesDriver Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

bool buildRoadMap (void)
 MapLanesDriver ()
int Setup (ros::NodeHandle node)
int Shutdown (void)
void Spin (void)
 ~MapLanesDriver ()

Private Member Functions

void markCar ()
 create marker for car pose.
void processOdom (const nav_msgs::Odometry::ConstPtr &odomIn)
void publishGlobalMap (void)
void publishLocalMap (void)
void publishMapCloud (ros::Publisher &pub, const art_msgs::ArtLanes &lane_data)
 Publish map point cloud.
void publishMapMarks (ros::Publisher &pub, const std::string &map_name, ros::Duration life, const art_msgs::ArtLanes &lane_data)
 Publish map visualization markers.

Private Attributes

ros::Publisher car_image_
sensor_msgs::PointCloud cloud_msg_
std::string frame_id_
 frame ID of map (default "/map")
 graph object (used by MapLanes)
bool initial_position_
 true if initial odometry received
 MapLanes object instance.
ros::Publisher mapmarks_
visualization_msgs::MarkerArray marks_msg_
nav_msgs::Odometry odom_msg_
ros::Subscriber odom_topic_
double poly_size_
 maximum polygon size (m)
double range_
 radius of local lanes to report (m)
std::string rndf_name_
 Road Network Definition File name.
ros::Publisher roadmap_cloud_
ros::Publisher roadmap_global_
ros::Publisher roadmap_local_

Detailed Description

ROS node class for road map driver.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


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Member Function Documentation

Build road map

true if successful

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void MapLanesDriver::markCar ( ) [private]

create marker for car pose.

pubtopic to publish
markersarray to add car pose

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void MapLanesDriver::processOdom ( const nav_msgs::Odometry::ConstPtr &  odomIn) [private]

Handle odometry input

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void MapLanesDriver::publishGlobalMap ( void  ) [private]

Publish global road map

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void MapLanesDriver::publishLocalMap ( void  ) [private]

Publish current local road map

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void MapLanesDriver::publishMapCloud ( ros::Publisher pub,
const art_msgs::ArtLanes lane_data 
) [private]

Publish map point cloud.

Converts polygon data into point cloud for clearing the occupancy grid.

pubtopic to publish
lane_datapolygons to publish

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void MapLanesDriver::publishMapMarks ( ros::Publisher pub,
const std::string &  map_name,
ros::Duration  life,
const art_msgs::ArtLanes lane_data 
) [private]

Publish map visualization markers.

Converts polygon data into an array of rviz visualization markers.

pubtopic to publish
map_namemarker namespace
lifelifespan for these markers
lane_datapolygons to publish
Do not to send too much information to rviz every cycle. If it gets behind displaying them, it becomes unusable.

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Set up ROS topics

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int MapLanesDriver::Shutdown ( void  )

Shutdown the driver

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void MapLanesDriver::Spin ( void  )

Spin function for driver thread

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Member Data Documentation

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std::string MapLanesDriver::frame_id_ [private]

frame ID of map (default "/map")

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graph object (used by MapLanes)

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true if initial odometry received

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MapLanes object instance.

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visualization_msgs::MarkerArray MapLanesDriver::marks_msg_ [private]

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nav_msgs::Odometry MapLanesDriver::odom_msg_ [private]

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double MapLanesDriver::poly_size_ [private]

maximum polygon size (m)

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double MapLanesDriver::range_ [private]

radius of local lanes to report (m)

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std::string MapLanesDriver::rndf_name_ [private]

Road Network Definition File name.

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