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ZoneOps.h File Reference
#include <vector>
#include <art_map/coordinates.h>
#include <art_map/Graph.h>
#include <art_map/RNDF.h>
#include <art_map/zones.h>
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class  ZoneManager


namespace  ZoneOps


void ZoneOps::add_densely (std::vector< MapXY > &points, const MapXY &p1, const MapXY &p2, const float &max_spacing)
void ZoneOps::add_new_node (const struct triangulateio &t, const int &i, int &index, std::vector< WayPointNode > &nodes, std::map< int, WayPointNode > &original_node_index)
ZonePerimeter ZoneOps::build_fake_zone (const std::vector< MapXY > &points_to_include, float border_width)
void ZoneOps::build_new_graph (const WayPointNodeList &nodes, const WayPointEdgeList &edges, Graph &g)
ZonePerimeterList ZoneOps::build_zone_list_from_rndf (RNDF &rndf, Graph &graph)
ZonePerimeter ZoneOps::build_zone_perimeter_from_zone (Graph &graph, Zone &zone)
segment_id_t ZoneOps::containing_zone (const ZonePerimeterList &zones, const MapXY &point)
int ZoneOps::filter_nodes_and_edges (WayPointNodeList &nodes, WayPointEdgeList &edges, float safety_radius)
ZonePerimeter ZoneOps::get_zone_by_id (const ZonePerimeterList &zones, const segment_id_t &zone_id)
int ZoneOps::intersections_of_segment_and_ray_to_right (const MapXY &p1, const MapXY &p2, const MapXY &p3, const MapXY &r)
bool ZoneOps::is_a_zone_id (const ZonePerimeterList &zones, const segment_id_t &zone_id)
WayPointNodeList ZoneOps::path_through_zone (const ZonePerimeter &zone, float perimeter_sample, float safety_radius, const ObstacleList &obstacles, MapXY start, MapXY end, bool write_graph, bool write_poly, bool write_obstacles, float scale, int max_cells)
bool ZoneOps::point_in_zone (const ZonePerimeter &zone, const MapXY &point)
void ZoneOps::populate_triangulateio (struct triangulateio &t, const ZonePerimeter &zone, const ObstacleList &obstacles, const float &max_spacing, bool write_obstacles)
void ZoneOps::print_graph_as_voronoi (Graph &graph)
void ZoneOps::print_tio (const struct triangulateio &t)
void ZoneOps::print_zone (const ZonePerimeter &zone)
void ZoneOps::print_zone_list (const ZonePerimeterList &zones)
WayPointNode ZoneOps::starting_node_for_zone (const ZonePerimeter &zone)

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