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DARPA_rules.h File Reference

DARPA Urban Challenge rules description. More...

#include <algorithm>
#include <math.h>
#include <art/conversions.h>
#include <art_msgs/ArtVehicle.h>
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namespace  DARPA_rules


static float DARPA_rules::forw_sep_travel (float speed)


const float DARPA_rules::excess_delay = 10.0f
const float DARPA_rules::front_limit_after_pass = vehicle_length * 4.0f
const float DARPA_rules::lane_center_offset = 1.0f
const float DARPA_rules::max_dist_from_entry_exit = 15.0f
const float DARPA_rules::max_left_turn_delay = 10.0f
const float DARPA_rules::min_forw_sep_safety = 2.0f
const float DARPA_rules::min_forw_sep_to_pass = vehicle_length
const float DARPA_rules::min_forw_sep_travel = vehicle_length
const float DARPA_rules::min_left_turn_sep = vehicle_length * 2.0f
const float DARPA_rules::min_rear_sep_after_pass = vehicle_length
const float DARPA_rules::min_standoff_dist = 1.0f
const float DARPA_rules::stop_line_safety_area = 30.0f
const float DARPA_rules::stop_line_to_bumper = 1.0f
const float DARPA_rules::vehicle_length = art_msgs::ArtVehicle::length
const float DARPA_rules::vehicle_width = art_msgs::ArtVehicle::width

Detailed Description

DARPA Urban Challenge rules description.

This class encapsulates constants and methods required or implied by the rules of the DARPA Urban Challenge. All distances are in meters, times in seconds. Section numbers refer to the official DARPA Technical Evaluation Criteria document.

Definition in file DARPA_rules.h.

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