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sound_play: Play sounds, or synthesize speech.

sound_play provides a ROS node that translates commands on a ROS topic (robotsound) into sounds. The node supports built-in sounds, playing OGG/WAV files, and doing speech synthesis via festival. C++ and Python bindings allow this node to be used without understanding the details of the message format, allowing faster development and resilience to message format changes.

The sound_play package provides a way to say strings, play WAV or OGG files and to play builtin sounds. Documentation for the package can be found here at http://www.ros.org/wiki/sound_play

Multiple sounds can be played concurrently (up to 4 currently because of limitations in pygame).

Python and C++ client classes are provide for ease of use:

Example uses are in:

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Author(s): Blaise Gassend, Austin Hendrix/ahendrix@willowgarage.com
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