self_test: Tools relating to self-tests.

A self_test is a service call provided by a node that triggers a test of the driver and any associated hardware. This service call can be used by users to quickly verify that a device or process is working. Currently self-tests are mainly used with drivers, but nothing precludes non-driver nodes using them.

The self_test package contains tools to for calling the self-test service from the command-line, or from a regression test. It also provides a C++ API for facilitating writing of self-tests.

self_test contains the self_test::TestRunner class that can be used to sequence a set of tests to be run in order to test a device. It advertises a self_test service. When the service is called, the self_test::TestRunner calls the tests that have been defined in order, and combines the results into a diagnostic_msgs::DiagnosticsArray. A detailed example can be found in selftest_example.cpp.

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