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robot_monitor: Displays aggregated robot diagnostics

robot_monitor is a simple GUI tool for displaying robot diagnostics that has been aggregated by the diagnostic_aggregator.

Some icons from the Silk icon pack are used, which is available from famfamfam.com.

robot_monitor is a graphical monitor that displays the aggregated diagnostics data published on /diagnostics_agg. It is useful for display large amounts of data in a compact form. Users can double click on data in the compressed form to see more detailed information.

The file robot_monitor_panel contains the main panel for the monitor, and viewer_panel contains the data for the popup panel.


List of nodes


robot_monitor displays incoming aggregated diagnostics graphically.


$ ./robot_monitor.py

The incoming diagnostics data is parsed by DiagnosticStatus name, and separated by '/'. The names:

/Robot/Motors/Head Motor

The robot monitor forms a tree with the trunk 'Robot' and branch 'Motors' with leaf 'Head Motor'. Multiple trunk names, publishing as one or more DiagnosticArray's, can be displayed.

The robot monitor supports display of two or motor robots. Simply give each robot a different base path, ex: "/Robot1" and "/Robot2". Generally this is done by using two diagnostic_aggregator aggregator_node's, each subscribing to a remapped "/diagnostics" input.

When displaying only one robot, it is usually best to leave the "/Robot" prefix empty.

ROS topics

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Author(s): Kevin Watts (watts@willowgarage.com), Josh Faust (jfaust@willowgarage.com)
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