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cob_collision_velocity_filter: cob_collision_velocity_filter

The cob_collision_velocity_filter package is a package for collision avoidance using teleoperation.

cob_collision_velocity_filter is a package for collision avoidance using teleoperation.

The cob_collision_velocity_filter node subscribes to a geometry_msgs::Twist topic published by the teleop device. It further subscribes to the obstacles topic of a local costmap and checks, if there are obstacles in the driving direction of the robot. Those relevant_obstacles are published as well.

If the robot moves closer to the relevant_obstacles, the robot slows down until it reaches a stop_threshold. There the robot stops moving if there is a velocity component that would run it into the obstacle. Driving in directions not leading to collision is still possible.

The cob_collision_velocity_filter node further calls a service for getting the adjusted footprint (which is initially read from the footprint parameter specified in the costmap node) during runtime thus accomodating for changes in the robot setup. Note that cob_collision_velocity_filter is at the moment restriced to rectangular footprints.

To launch the cob_collision_velocity_filter launch the collision_velocity_filter.launch file. Make sure, that the geometry_msgs::Twist is maped to the collision_velocity_filter teleop_twist input.

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Author(s): Matthias Gruhler, Michal Spanel (spanel@fit.vutbr.cz, vel. limited marker)
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