Todo List

Member main (int argc, char **argv)

Use image topic, not stream

Option to specify (or figure out?) the frame rate

Member OggSaver::processMsg (const theora_image_transport::PacketConstPtr &message)

Make sure we don't write a video packet first

Handle duplicate headers

Wait for a keyframe!!

Need to flush page for initial identification header packet? And after last header packet?

Handle chaining streams? Need to retroactively set e_o_s on previous video packet.

Member theora_image_transport::TheoraPublisher::ensureEncodingContext (const sensor_msgs::Image &image, const PublishFn &publish_fn) const

Check if encoding has changed

Store image encoding in comment

Try not to send headers twice to some listeners

Member theora_image_transport::TheoraPublisher::publish (const sensor_msgs::Image &message, const PublishFn &publish_fn) const

fromImage is deprecated

Optimized gray-scale path, rgb8

fromImage can throw cv::Exception on bayer encoded images

Member theora_image_transport::TheoraSubscriber::internalCallback (const theora_image_transport::PacketConstPtr &msg, const Callback &user_cb)

Break this function into pieces

Handle RGB8 or MONO8 efficiently

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