brics_actuator::msg::_JointAccelerations::JointAccelerations Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def deserialize
def deserialize_numpy
def serialize
def serialize_numpy

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Private Member Functions

def _get_types

Static Private Attributes

list __slots__ = ['poisonStamp','accelerations']
string _full_text
 _has_header = False
string _md5sum = "f904d45aa2c1d97ea9e99a3ba4e3610e"
list _slot_types = ['brics_actuator/Poison','brics_actuator/JointValue[]']
string _type = "brics_actuator/JointAccelerations"

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

def brics_actuator::msg::_JointAccelerations::JointAccelerations::__init__ (   self,
Constructor. Any message fields that are implicitly/explicitly
set to None will be assigned a default value. The recommend
use is keyword arguments as this is more robust to future message
changes.  You cannot mix in-order arguments and keyword arguments.

The available fields are:

@param args: complete set of field values, in .msg order
@param kwds: use keyword arguments corresponding to message field names
to set specific fields. 

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def brics_actuator::msg::_JointAccelerations::JointAccelerations::_get_types (   self  )  [private]
internal API method

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def brics_actuator::msg::_JointAccelerations::JointAccelerations::deserialize (   self,
unpack serialized message in str into this message instance
@param str: byte array of serialized message
@type  str: str

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def brics_actuator::msg::_JointAccelerations::JointAccelerations::deserialize_numpy (   self,
unpack serialized message in str into this message instance using numpy for array types
@param str: byte array of serialized message
@type  str: str
@param numpy: numpy python module
@type  numpy: module

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def brics_actuator::msg::_JointAccelerations::JointAccelerations::serialize (   self,
serialize message into buffer
@param buff: buffer
@type  buff: StringIO

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def brics_actuator::msg::_JointAccelerations::JointAccelerations::serialize_numpy (   self,
serialize message with numpy array types into buffer
@param buff: buffer
@type  buff: StringIO
@param numpy: numpy python module
@type  numpy module

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Member Data Documentation

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Initial value:
"""Poison poisonStamp
JointValue[] accelerations

MSG: brics_actuator/Poison
string originator               # node id
string description              # encoding still an issue
float32 qos                     # reliability of the channel
                              # 0..1 where 1 means healthy

MSG: brics_actuator/JointValue
time timeStamp          #time of the data 
string joint_uri
string unit             #if empy expects si units, you can use boost::unit
float64 value


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string brics_actuator::msg::_JointAccelerations::JointAccelerations::_md5sum = "f904d45aa2c1d97ea9e99a3ba4e3610e" [static, private]

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list brics_actuator::msg::_JointAccelerations::JointAccelerations::_slot_types = ['brics_actuator/Poison','brics_actuator/JointValue[]'] [static, private]

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