lockfree::ObjectPool< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for lockfree::ObjectPool< T >, including all inherited members.

allocate()lockfree::ObjectPool< T >inline
allocateShared()lockfree::ObjectPool< T >inline
free(T const *t)lockfree::ObjectPool< T >inline
freelist_lockfree::ObjectPool< T >private
hasOutstandingAllocations()lockfree::ObjectPool< T >inline
initialize(uint32_t count, const T &tmpl)lockfree::ObjectPool< T >inline
initialized_lockfree::ObjectPool< T >private
makeShared(T *t)lockfree::ObjectPool< T >inline
makeShared(T const *t)lockfree::ObjectPool< T >inline
makeSharedImpl(T2 *t)lockfree::ObjectPool< T >inlineprivate
ObjectPool()lockfree::ObjectPool< T >inline
ObjectPool(uint32_t count, const T &tmpl)lockfree::ObjectPool< T >inline
owns(T const *t)lockfree::ObjectPool< T >inline
owns(const boost::shared_ptr< T const > &t)lockfree::ObjectPool< T >inline
removeShared(const boost::shared_ptr< T > &t)lockfree::ObjectPool< T >inline
removeShared(const boost::shared_ptr< T const > &t)lockfree::ObjectPool< T >inline
sp_storage_freelist_lockfree::ObjectPool< T >private
~ObjectPool()lockfree::ObjectPool< T >inline

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