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`image_geometry` contains C++ and Python libraries for interpreting images geometrically. It interfaces the calibration parameters in sensor_msgs/CameraInfo messages with OpenCV functions such as image rectification, much as cv_bridge interfaces ROS sensor_msgs/Image with OpenCV data types.

image_geometry contains camera model classes that simplify interpreting images geometrically using the calibration parameters from sensor_msgs/CameraInfo messages. They may be efficiently updated in your image callback:

void imageCb(const sensor_msgs::ImageConstPtr& raw_image,
const sensor_msgs::CameraInfoConstPtr& cam_info)
// Update the camera model (usually a no-op)
// Do processing...

Code API

image_geometry contains two classes:

Simplifies interpreting images geometrically using the parameters from sensor_msgs/CameraInfo.
Definition: pinhole_camera_model.h:24
bool fromCameraInfo(const sensor_msgs::CameraInfo &msg)
Set the camera parameters from the sensor_msgs/CameraInfo message.
Definition: pinhole_camera_model.cpp:97

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