hpp-fcl Documentation


hpp-fcl is a modified version the FCL libraries.

It is a library for collision detection and distance computation between various types of geometric shapes reprensented either by

Using hpp-fcl

The main entry points to the library are functions


detection and distance lower bound

Collision queries can return a distance lower bound between the two objects, which is computationally cheaper than computing the real distance. The following figure shows the returned result in CollisionResult::distance_lower_bound and DistanceResult::min_distance, with respect to the objects real distance.

The two parameters refer to CollisionRequest::security_margin and CollisionRequest::break_distance.

In the green hatched area, the distance lower bound is not known. It is only guaranted that it will be inferior to distance - security_margin and superior to break_distance.
If CollisionRequest::security_margin is set to -inf, no collision test is performed by function hpp::fcl::collide or class hpp::fcl::ComputeCollision and the objects are considered as not colliding.

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