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nanoflann C++ library for ANN
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 Result set classes
 Load/save auxiliary functions
 Metric (distance) classes
 Parameter structs
 Memory allocation
 Auxiliary metaprogramming stuff
 KD-tree classes and adaptors


struct  nanoflann::has_assign< T, typename >
struct  nanoflann::has_assign< T, decltype((void) std::declval< T >().assign(1, 0), 0)>
struct  nanoflann::has_resize< T, typename >
struct  nanoflann::has_resize< T, decltype((void) std::declval< T >().resize(1), 0)>
class  nanoflann::KDTreeBaseClass< Derived, Distance, DatasetAdaptor, DIM, IndexType >


template<typename Container , typename T >
std::enable_if< has_assign< Container >::value, void >::type nanoflann::assign (Container &c, const size_t nElements, const T &value)
template<typename T >
nanoflann::pi_const ()
template<typename Container >
std::enable_if< has_resize< Container >::value, void >::type nanoflann::resize (Container &c, const size_t nElements)

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◆ assign()

template<typename Container , typename T >
std::enable_if<has_assign<Container>::value, void>::type nanoflann::assign ( Container &  c,
const size_t  nElements,
const T &  value 

Free function to assign to a container

Definition at line 124 of file nanoflann.hpp.

◆ pi_const()

template<typename T >
T nanoflann::pi_const ( )

the PI constant (required to avoid MSVC missing symbols)

Definition at line 79 of file nanoflann.hpp.

◆ resize()

template<typename Container >
std::enable_if<has_resize<Container>::value, void>::type nanoflann::resize ( Container &  c,
const size_t  nElements 

Free function to resize a resizable object

Definition at line 104 of file nanoflann.hpp.

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