usb_hcd_int.c File Reference

Host driver interrupt subroutines. More...

#include "usb_core.h"
#include "usb_defines.h"
#include "usb_hcd_int.h"
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static uint32_t USB_OTG_USBH_handle_Disconnect_ISR (USB_OTG_CORE_HANDLE *pdev)
 USB_OTG_USBH_handle_Disconnect_ISR Handles disconnect event. More...
static uint32_t USB_OTG_USBH_handle_hc_ISR (USB_OTG_CORE_HANDLE *pdev)
 USB_OTG_USBH_handle_hc_ISR This function indicates that one or more host channels has a pending. More...
static uint32_t USB_OTG_USBH_handle_hc_n_In_ISR (USB_OTG_CORE_HANDLE *pdev, uint32_t num)
 USB_OTG_USBH_handle_hc_n_In_ISR Handles interrupt for a specific Host Channel. More...
static uint32_t USB_OTG_USBH_handle_hc_n_Out_ISR (USB_OTG_CORE_HANDLE *pdev, uint32_t num)
 USB_OTG_USBH_handle_hc_n_Out_ISR Handles interrupt for a specific Host Channel. More...
static uint32_t USB_OTG_USBH_handle_IncompletePeriodicXfer_ISR (USB_OTG_CORE_HANDLE *pdev)
 USB_OTG_USBH_handle_IncompletePeriodicXfer_ISR Handles the incomplete Periodic transfer Interrupt. More...
static uint32_t USB_OTG_USBH_handle_nptxfempty_ISR (USB_OTG_CORE_HANDLE *pdev)
 USB_OTG_USBH_handle_nptxfempty_ISR Handles non periodic tx fifo empty. More...
static uint32_t USB_OTG_USBH_handle_port_ISR (USB_OTG_CORE_HANDLE *pdev)
 USB_OTG_USBH_handle_port_ISR This function determines which interrupt conditions have occurred. More...
static uint32_t USB_OTG_USBH_handle_ptxfempty_ISR (USB_OTG_CORE_HANDLE *pdev)
 USB_OTG_USBH_handle_ptxfempty_ISR Handles periodic tx fifo empty. More...
static uint32_t USB_OTG_USBH_handle_rx_qlvl_ISR (USB_OTG_CORE_HANDLE *pdev)
 USB_OTG_USBH_handle_rx_qlvl_ISR Handles the Rx Status Queue Level Interrupt. More...
static uint32_t USB_OTG_USBH_handle_sof_ISR (USB_OTG_CORE_HANDLE *pdev)
 USB_OTG_otg_hcd_handle_sof_intr Handles the start-of-frame interrupt in host mode. More...
uint32_t USBH_OTG_ISR_Handler (USB_OTG_CORE_HANDLE *pdev)
 HOST_Handle_ISR This function handles all USB Host Interrupts. More...

Detailed Description

Host driver interrupt subroutines.

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