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rosflight_firmware::Params::params_t Struct Reference

Public Attributes

uint8_t chk
uint8_t magic_be
uint8_t magic_ef
uint16_t size
param_type_t types [PARAMS_COUNT]
param_value_t values [PARAMS_COUNT]
uint32_t version

Detailed Description

Definition at line 235 of file param.h.

Member Data Documentation

uint8_t rosflight_firmware::Params::params_t::chk

Definition at line 246 of file param.h.

uint8_t rosflight_firmware::Params::params_t::magic_be

Definition at line 239 of file param.h.

uint8_t rosflight_firmware::Params::params_t::magic_ef

Definition at line 245 of file param.h.

char rosflight_firmware::Params::params_t::names[PARAMS_COUNT][PARAMS_NAME_LENGTH]

Definition at line 242 of file param.h.

uint16_t rosflight_firmware::Params::params_t::size

Definition at line 238 of file param.h.

param_type_t rosflight_firmware::Params::params_t::types[PARAMS_COUNT]

Definition at line 243 of file param.h.

param_value_t rosflight_firmware::Params::params_t::values[PARAMS_COUNT]

Definition at line 241 of file param.h.

uint32_t rosflight_firmware::Params::params_t::version

Definition at line 237 of file param.h.

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